Raising a glass to absent friends

On this first day of 2014, I look back and think of what I have done in the past. I find myself suddenly realising that I am all alone on the first day of the new year without friends. It makes me sad that I do not have a close group of friends here that I can talk, laugh and have fun with. I always think that I am a socially active person but I guess I am not. I am more of a homebody. Sure I do like to break out the occassional dance or sing a song but I always do that when I am at home. I am always prim and proper when I am out and when I am out, I always long to be home. My close friend lives thousands of miles away and I miss her during times like this. We have been friends for a lifetime now and I can talk to her about anything and I know that she understands me and will not judge me. I guess that’s why we are best of friends. As I am typing this, one of my friends sent me a video and it is short little clip of Charlie Brown and his friends singing “Auld Lang Syne”. It put a smile on my fave as I would like to think that my friends remember me and never forget our friendship and my small contribution to our friendship. I would like them to know that they have contributed a lot to me and I will never forget them. So here I am, raising a glass to my absent friends, who are not with me today. Thank you for being my friend and the memories shall be greatly treasured and honoured.

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Going ga-ga over peonies



Recently, I have been going a bit crazy collecting photos of peonies.  I have never given this flower a serious thought before till recently when I was tasked with finding a suitable flower for my sister’s wedding other than roses.  So there, I was, sitting on my couch, with my tv and a latop on and a serious mug of coffee, I did what I knew best, the trusty google searches.  A couple of hours later, I came across a photo of a peony bunch that was used at a wedding and I was like “Oh my lord!!!  This is a beautiful flower!!!”  I am so in love with them now.  So then, I started googling more about peonies and how to grow and maintain them.  Not that I plan to grow them since I do not have a garden but one can dream right?  If I ever have the luck of seeing them at the florist, I might buy a bunch just because I would love to touch them, feel them and smell them.  Apparently, it is the current “hot” flower for weddings this year.  However, they are seasonal so it depends on your luck.  It does kinds of look like a rose, with its multiple petals, however, I don’t think they look at all like roses.  In my opinion, they belong to a class of their own and should not be classed as a substitute for any flower.

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