Why am I here: An Introduction

This is something that I have not done and I found this Blogging 101 on WordPress and thought it might be a good idea to learn about blogging (which I have zero idea about). I am unfortunately 5 days late but hey!  it is never too late to start something.  So here I go:

Today’s assignment : Write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post

I have never given much thought as to why I have decided to start blogging when I could have just kept a personal journal.  I am neither a writer or a blogger who wants to be an expert in a particular field.  I guess I want to write about something, not necessarily being an expert but my opinions.  I am perhaps hoping to find something that I am passionate about and perhaps one day, my blog will shape more towards my passion instead of being all over the place.

I do believe in living life and celebrating life.  I try to be more compassionate towards others and be morally right.  I have a favourite passage that I hold dear to.  I read it recently on Huffington Post.  The passage is

So for the people in your life who have not known your worth, who have been reckless with your heart or fallen painfully short of your expectations, sincerely wish them well, forgive yourself for holding on to it and preventing yourself from really living, forgive them for their shortcomings (as well as your own), scoop up that huge beautiful life lesson and all the pieces of your heart, and sail on. You have mountains to move, dreams to dream, and a world to change, even if the only world is your own. –Page 83, I Am That Girl

I love the article written by Alexis Jones on Huffington Post.  It’s called How to be ‘That’ Girl.  I have not read the book yet but I will, when I get round to it.  This is basically what I aim for in life and why I have begun blogging.  To share my thoughts with anyone who might be interested in it and to write more in good proper English.  Not sure if I will get to be ‘That’ girl but I am willing to try.


About livlifecele8

New at blogging, trying my hand at everything new and seeing how long I can keep doing it
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