Easter Sunday 2014

Finally, it is here!  It has been a long time since the 1st day of Lent that I decided to give up alcohol.  Looking back, even though I did mention that I would like to fast for the duration of Lent, that did not happen!  I am disappointed that I did not have a stronger will, but I was rather satisfied that I did not take a drop of alcohol for the duration of Lent.  That is rather hard for me because I am always forgetting.  There had been close calls as I would be staring at the wine list thinking of what to order without realizing that it is still Lent.  Luckily I have always remembered before ordering and so have not broken my dry spell.

I had my first drop of alcohol today and boy!  that taste great.  It did put a smile on my face as well.  Going with Easter Sunday, it is always a good seafood feast which was why I made a stop at the fish market.  It is always a good place to get fresh seafood.

After getting the seafood, I made a pitstop at St Mary Cathedral.  I have never been there and I thought well since I am already in the city, might as well go there.  It was gorgeous! St Mary Cathedral The high ceilings, the awesome architecture what more can you ask for.  I found out that there is a crypt there.  Well who would have thought that there is a crypt in the cathedral.  They do charge if you wish to enter the crypt.  Unfortunately, I missed the Royal family who were there for the morning mass.  I am glad that I stopped by there.

On top of it all, the icing of the cake, I found out that next Sunday 27th April, 2 popes will be canonized, Blesseds John XXIII and John Paul II.  It is interesting as Blessed John Paul II has been fast tracked to be a Saint instead of having to go through the usual centuries of process.

All in all, this year’s Easter proves to be a good one apart of the fact that the Easter bunny stopped by this year and decided to mess with my hot water heater.  I had a cold shower in cool Autumn to start of my Easter Sunday but it ended with a very warm hug.


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