I made pupusas for dinner from scratch

I am not a cook.  I am no MasterChef or hidden chef.  Pupusas are Salvadorean food.  It is more of a street food in El Salvador but here, I consider it a delicacy as it is hard to find a Salvadorean restaurant selling pupusas in Sydney.  I remembered when I was living in Brisbane, I would just go for mass every sunday in a latino church and I can have pupusas for lunch!  Those were the days.  Recently, I was having cravings for pupusas and unfortunately, Brisbane is not 2 hours drive from Sydney so I decided to make some.

I did my research on the internet.  The internet is a good place to start and I found pupusas recipes (Thank you to all those people who post those life-saving recipes).  So, I wrote down my list of ingredients required and went shopping.  I bought all my ingredients but it would take me another 2 weeks to gather my courage to make them.  They looked hard to make and I was sure I was set for failure.  In the end, I turned to YouTube and watched videos after videos about making pupusas and trying to memorise what I saw.

Today is the day!  I came back from work and made the dough.  Being not a good cook, I was basically guessing as to whether what it meant by dough should not be too dry.  I waspupusas surprised it took me only 15 minutes to get the dough ready.  Whilst letting the dough rest, I made the tomato-based sauce.  I prepared the cheese stuffing as well (I decided to keep it simple by making cheese pupusas).  Following the videos, I divided the dough into balls and stuffed them with cheese.  I flattened the balls and cooked them on the frying pan (even though everyone on the videos cooked the pupusas on a flat griddle pan or the flat part of the BBQ but it is too hard to go fire up the BBQ and make pupusas at the same time so I decided to cook the pupusas in a pan.

Once they are cooked, you serve them with picked cabbage (curtido) and tomato based sauce.

Verdict: I invited my Salvadorean friend to try them and he says that it looks like what you would get at the pupuserias in El Salvador.  I guess he likes them.  I am rather surprised how quick you can make pupusas and eat them.  I was expecting to polish them off 3 hours later or so but it only took me an hour to make and cook the pupusas.  I was starving so it took me 15 minutes to polish off 3 pupusas.  I guess they are ok.  I will make them againfinished pupusa serve


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