Being unemployed

I resigned from my work recently.  More like 3 weeks ago.  Nothing drastic or anything but I must say unemployment does not suit me very well.  Fair enough, it gives me more than enough time to blog about my life but other than that, I spend most of my time on my couch.

I have caught up with most of my tv shows that I had taped the last couple of weeks but I have recently taken to watch real life crime shows on Youtube.  I am talking about obsessively watching Youtube non-stop hour after hour.  The shows that I have been watching are US criminal shows and I am pretty drawn to them.  Not because I am interested in the why did this person do it but more how did the police solved it and sometimes, I can’t help but admire the perseverance of police detectives or the strength and perseverance of the surviving family members making sure that the mystery gets solved.

The other thing that I don’t like being unemployed is I can’t go shopping.  I used to troll shopping websites and putting items on my wishlist and purchasing them when I can but because I have to keep an eye on every single expense, I find it hard to stop viewing these websites.  Recently, I have just stooped to bookmarking these websites with the hopes that the bargains will be there when I am financially viable again.

On the plus side, I have recentlyt accepted a position so which means I am employed again.  Dang!  so much for thinking I can spend more time on the couch.  I better use this time to curb my Youtube addiction as well.


About livlifecele8

New at blogging, trying my hand at everything new and seeing how long I can keep doing it
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