300 – Rise of an empire

I watched 300 – Rise of an empire recently.  I must say, if you haven’t seen the movie 300 yet, highly recommend to watch it first before watching the 2nd movie.

What can I say?  Firstly, I am not a movie buff so I am not going in-depth about why this movie is worth your time watching et cetera, et cetera.  I saw the trailer of this movie when I was watching another movie and I thought…wow!!!  I should watch this and it is on 3D as well.  Must be fantastic!

After watching it, I simply cannot understand the title “Rise of an empire”.  In my opinion, after watching the entire movie, I cannot see a single rise or fall of any empire.  Perhaps I am not very receptive to the undertones of the movie.  I am not sure.  And for me, the ending of the movie, wait…what ending?  I must have missed it because I did not see an ending.  There, I think I have given away the ending.  I am not sure what the movie supposedly to convey to its audience but it did not convey anything to me.  The movie is very well made, the quality of the 3D and all but I am a story person and yet I can’t figure out what the story is about.  I believe the title threw me off in the first place and I was looking for the story in the title.

Perhaps I should watch it again when the DVD is released just so I can take it all in and understand the movie properly.


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