PappaRich Restaurant – Chatswood

I went to PappaRich restaurant in Chatswood.  I did not even realise that this restaurant existed.  I only knew of Mamak in Chatswood.  I usually try to visit asian restaurants when I have asian food cravings.  Personally, I do not really like Mamak.  I may be desperate when I have cravings but not to the extent of being squash like sardines.  So there I was circling around Chatswood looking for a place to eat and came across PappaRich.  PappaRich is located at 63A Archer Street Chatswood.

There is a queue.  Most Asian food places, if you haven’t noticed, have a queue.  The queues get longer if they are considered authentic and located at a prominent location.  However, one thing that struck me was how quick the queue moves.  From the outside (since I was queuing), I was rather impressed with the interior.  None of the guests are shoved together like little sardines in a tin.  It is a nice warm interior with proper space separations between tables.

10 mins later, I was in.  As I said, nice warm interior, the walls were dark brown wood, kind of like a very posh looking cafe with lots of Asians.  I had been told that if a restaurant have lots of asians in them, it is good.  But remembering that this is afterall Chatswood, I reserve my opinion since Mamak was rather of a disappointment in my opinion.  We were seated at a table, right in front of the cooking area and the bar.  It is rather nice to be able to see your food and drinks being prepared.

The difference for this place is you write down your order and there is a little bell that you press (this is located on the cutlery container) when you are ready to place your order.  And the choices on that menu, I felt like I have gone to heaven.  So many choices, only one stomach.  I ordered the dry kwoay teow with steamed chicken and Teh C special.  I pressed the little bell and waited for someone to take my order away.  One thing I noticed, if the restaurant is really busy, the wait staff to take a while to come to your table.  I had to press my bell twice before someone took the order.  So I sat back and waited for the food to come.  To my big surprise, food came in like under 10 mins.  I am seriously impressed.  And it sure looked like this ( I took this image from the PappaRich website). N10 is the picture of the noodles I ordered.Papparich 7 (noodles)The drink followed not too long after.  I was mighty impressed with the speed of the arrival of the noodles and drink.  I dug into my meal. The steamed chicken on the side reminds me of Hainanese chicken.  The chicken meat was tender and juicy and the noodles were cooked perfectly.  The Teh C Special is nice and fragrant.

My personal opinion, I would come back again.  It is, by far, the most authentic place I have been to.  I cannot wait to visit the restaurant again and go through their menu.  I have decided to have a different dish each time I am there.  I do apologise for the lack of photos.  I don’t really take photos and was not really thinking about reviewing this restaurant till I had my meal.  I feel that this place deserves a mention and I am pretty sure there are lots of reviews on this restaurant since its opening and more will follow as long as the standards and quality of this restaurant remains as it is.  I was informed by my friend that PappaRich have franchises in Malaysia and Singapore, well, I rest my case.


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