Lent – Week 1

It has been about a week since Lent started.  There has been a mix of emotions as well as trying to stay within the confines of what I have set out to to accomplish.  I did not quite meet my Lenten fast last week.  I had a few weak days where I had eaten more than 1 meal required.  And on Friday, I forgot to abstain from meat.  In my cheeky state, I had to say, the American styled pork ribs I had for brunch, tasted extremely delicious and mouth-watering.  After researching, I was informed that I can choose another day to replace Friday so I chose the next day, Saturday.  I was doing well, fasting and all, till it was dinner time.  In my weakened hunger state (not really), I am pretty sure my years of stored fats would have sustained me pretty well for one day, anyways, I had dinner with my friend and she ordered a plate of chicken wings and satay to share (I have decided to do a review on that restaurant separately).  I totally could not resist and I totally forgot that I was abstaining from meat that day.  I did eventually do the abstaining of meat on Sunday.  I fasted and had salad and fries on Sunday.  Not sure if that constitutes dinner but yes, the fries were mouthwatering and I did get through half of the salad bowl (I am not a big fan of raw salad, so to get through half is quite a good accomplishment).  And all that in only Week One.  Hopefully week 2 will pass without any issues.


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New at blogging, trying my hand at everything new and seeing how long I can keep doing it
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