International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. I have never shown much interest in this till now. I have no idea what triggered it but when I opened my laptop today and saw the news, this was what I saw. With my interest peaked, I decided to research on it like how this came about and what it was all about. This is Wikipedia’s explanation. The earliest observance started in 1908. Who would have thought that this had started so long ago.

This year’s theme is “Equality for Women is Progress for All“.  I like the theme.  It is a theme of empowerment.  I think back of all the places that I have worked in and I have noticed that nearly all the heads of departments are the male species.  Not that I am trying to throw a brick into the mix, I find it hard to believe that women are not as capable as men.  I believe that women are too busy trying to prove their capabilities in the male dominated world that they forget that they are capable and confident people who can make a stand for themselves.  I used to call the departments I see with a male at the top and throes of females under them a “harlem”.  Thinking back, I have yet to come across a workplace that supports women’s advancement at work.  Perhaps because I am disillusioned, I see women in top positions being considered the outsider.  The men in the same positions are quickly invited into the inner circle and go out for Friday night drinks and they talk like they are old friends, whereas women have to either act like them and ignore crude jokes or be left out of the inner circle.

Angelina JolieThere are women I look up to.  I often wish I am as confident and strong as they are.  I will get there one day.  I am still finding myself in all of this.  I am a bit slow when it comes to finding myself and knowing my strengths and weaknesses.  One day, I hope I will understand me and use that understanding to get me to where I want to be in life.

I admire my mother and my sister.  My mom because she has been my father’s sole carerStrong woman the last 11 years ever since my dad had his devastating stroke.  She has osteoarthritis on her knees yet I have never heard her complain.  She plows through each day, helping my dad with his exercises, bathing him, cleaning him u when he has his “accidents” and helping him to cut up his food to bite-size pieces.  My sister because she knows what she wants.  She moved back to Singapore to be closer to my parents.  She does not complain much even when my parents would drive her crazy.  Now that she is married, I wish her all the best in her new life.  I want to be more like them.  Knowing what they want and achieving it regardless of the challenges that are laid down before them.  My sister always tell me to do things without regret.  I hold that advice close to my heart.

strong woman 1So, today, being International Women’s Day, it is my wish and hope that every woman in the world will be confident in the knowledge that they are capable.  Don’t let any challenges get you down.  Life is a journey, I hope every woman will find their strengths in their life journey whilst being respected and supported by their loved ones for what they have decided to do.


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