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I made pupusas for dinner from scratch

I am not a cook.  I am no MasterChef or hidden chef.  Pupusas are Salvadorean food.  It is more of a street food in El Salvador but here, I consider it a delicacy as it is hard to find a … Continue reading

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300 – Rise of an empire

I watched 300 – Rise of an empire recently.  I must say, if you haven’t seen the movie 300 yet, highly recommend to watch it first before watching the 2nd movie. What can I say?  Firstly, I am not a … Continue reading

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Being unemployed

I resigned from my work recently.  More like 3 weeks ago.  Nothing drastic or anything but I must say unemployment does not suit me very well.  Fair enough, it gives me more than enough time to blog about my life … Continue reading

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PappaRich Restaurant – Chatswood

I went to PappaRich restaurant in Chatswood.  I did not even realise that this restaurant existed.  I only knew of Mamak in Chatswood.  I usually try to visit asian restaurants when I have asian food cravings.  Personally, I do not … Continue reading

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Lent – Week 1

It has been about a week since Lent started.  There has been a mix of emotions as well as trying to stay within the confines of what I have set out to to accomplish.  I did not quite meet my … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. I have never shown much interest in this till now. I have no idea what triggered it but when I opened my laptop today and saw the news, this was what I saw. With my … Continue reading

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Abstinence and Fasting for Lent 2014 I have decided to put in more effort for Lent this year.  My goal this year is to abstain from alcohol (which is my yearly goal, since I heart my alcohol too much).  Apart … Continue reading

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Internet down

It has been 5 days since my internet went down.  I did not realise how dependent I was on the internet.  I feel like I was missing something every day.  One thing good that came out of this was I … Continue reading

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